Pest Recognition and Control, by Andrew Halstead

Andrew gave a very informative talk on recognising and controlling pests in the garden.  Here is a summary of his talk, but please watch the video which John has uploaded on the website for detailed information.

He reminded us that there are rules and regulations on the use of pesticides.  We should read the information on the products before buying making sure it is approved for the type of trees, vegetable or flowers you wish to spray.  Please check, as some are toxic and not for use on produce which will eventually be for human consumption. 

Andrew suggested the audience look at the RHS website which has detailed information of the products available for pest control.

Andrew listed all the pests and how to control them starting with slugs and snails reminding us that pellets were no longer available and Ferric Phosphate was expensive.  Whilst other controls are used such as copper bands etc he said the best thing to use was pathogenic.

He went on to discuss root fly and how there is no preventative, although putting card or material under the plant can stop the maggots eating the roots.  The carrot fly can be avoided by netting the carrots.

It was interesting to learn about the Chafer Grub which lays its eggs in your beautiful lawn, not only ruining it, but encouraging badgers, which love to feed on them thus helping to destroy the lawn.   Unfortunately, there is no deterrent and no guarantee that the grub will not return.

The Vine Weevil is a nocturnal female feeding on the roots of plants and laying hundreds of eggs on namely Rhododendrons.  Nematodes can be used, or you can hunt them at night.