Newsletter July 2021

Grayshott Gardeners Newsletter

July 2021


Dear Members 

Welcome to our July newsletter. I do hope you are continuing to stay safe.

I am sure that you are as disappointed as I am that the Summer Show has had to be cancelled because of the delay in easing COVID restrictions. However, all is not lost. We have a VIRTUAL Summer Show! You should have received details a few days back – and they are set out on page 3. I very much hope you will submit some entries (closing date 9th July) and my warm thanks to the Shows Committee for their sterling work at organising this at relatively short notice.

There also is a Potato Competition and a Photography Competition – thanks are due to Gordon who has done the organising of these. Details are on page 4 and 5.

Finally, I want to mention the survey. It will be sent to you (from GG Comms) on Monday 5th July and needs to be done within two weeks. It is very quick to do, and the feedback will help the Committee enormously to make improvements for Grayshott Gardeners. Thank you.

All the best, Anne Waddell, Chairman

WHAT IS IT? Results for No. 7 & Photo for No. 8

The answer for June 2021 was a sweet chestnut. It was in St. Luke’s church yard. Yet again,

member, Karen Cozens, was the only member who correctly identified the photo.

Photos no. 7 above.

And here is photo no. 8:

If you think you know what it is (and no, it’s NOT Paddington Bear!), please e-mail Gordon Rae by 15th July 2021. We will provide the answer and the names of those who correctly identified the photo in our August newsletter.


This month we feature the ‘Top 5 Plants’ of Committee member, John Price, our data protection lead and ZOOM coordinator, and his wife Margaret.

  Allium Siculum bulgaricum Nectaroscordum    This pretty flower with bells, which is very popular with the bees, is something different in the garden, because when in seed head form it looks castle like and remains attractive.
      Achillea Filipendulina Cloth of Gold        This has always been one of John’s favourites and we have them around our garden in pink form as well as the gold.
  Lathyrus Odoratus Sweet Peas  What can’t you say about these prolific and multicoloured flowers which have such sweet perfume? Like most things, we have had more success in Grayshott than Skipton – they don’t seem to like the wind and rain in Yorkshire!
              WisteriaWe have always admired these beautiful flowers on houses and hotels, thinking we had made it when we bought an old Victorian house in Skipton with an established wisteria growing against the house. After two years and two blooms a year, we happened to be in London and saw a sign in Selfridges saying there was a gardening expert in the basement to help you with your gardening problems. We rushed down to find this chap  all by himself, so asked him for help. He said, “where do you live?”, we said “Skipton in Yorkshire”! Thinking this would challenge him, he said ” I know it well – I was brought up in Ilkley a few miles away”! It was Alan Titchmarsh prior to his TV fame. He gave us suggestions, but despite feeding and pruning, when we left nearly 20 years later there was no change. So, when we arrived back in the sun belt of Grayshott (everything is relative), we bought a plant in bloom to make certain we knew it did bloom. We transplanted it into a large pot and placed it in a sunny spot against a large tree stump. NO BLOOMS the next year. Karen Flood assured us it was just settling into its new pot. She was right! This year at last we had a wisteria with nearly 100 blooms.
  Family Iridaceae FreesiasMargaret loves the perfume and beautiful colours, also, the novelty of growing your own, because again they would not grow in Skipton. Don’t get us wrong Skipton is a lovely town on the edge of the Dales where we enjoyed living for 46 years, but it’s not a gardener’s paradise!

As yet, we don’t have any member lined up for a contribution to our next newsletter. So how about something from you? Don’t forget that any member can submit an article; it can be about your ‘Top Five Plants’ or about any garden related topic – the only criterion is that it is about your garden! Contact the editor at

14th July 2021 MEETING

This month, on Wednesday 14th July, we are delighted to welcome, via ZOOM, Helen Picton, whose lecture is ‘Daisy Days’. Helen is a specialist grower of autumn-flowering asters. The Picton family operates Old Court Nurseries and the Picton Garden in Herefordshire. The nursery was established in 1906 by Ernest Ballard, the first nurseryman to popularize autumn-flowering asters. The Pictons hold the Plant Heritage National Plant Collection of autumn-flowering asters, with more than four hundred forms present in the collection.

Helen joined the business after completing a botany degree at the University of Reading, and since has been working full time with asters. She also lectures and gives talks throughout the U.K. and is the author of ‘Plant Lover’s Guide to Asters’.

This club night lecture is open to all members starting at 8pm, but as always you can log in at 7.30pm for a bit of a chat, before we are all ‘muted’ ready for the lecture.

Further details about logging in can be obtained from Helen Deighan at, if you are not already registered. Details automatically will be sent to all those members who registered for the previous ZOOM lectures. On the night of the lecture, it will be possible to admit up to 100 people on ZOOM – so first come, first served.

As COVID restrictions gradually start to ease, we are looking forward to returning to the Village Hall. We very much hope that the August lecture is in-person – watch this space!


We are really excited to be putting on a virtual Summer Show in the light of the cancellation of our Show scheduled to take place on 10th July. You all should have received details recently (from ‘GG Comms’), and they are on website too here . Here they are again, in case you need them:

The Show is just for fun and there are no prizes, but we do hope you will get a lot of pleasure out of going round your garden to take your photos and then deciding which ones to enter. If nothing else, you will have a wonderful record of your garden this summer. The deadline for sending in your photos is 5pm on Friday 9th July.  The classes are:

  1. One large, flowered rose
  2. One spray of cluster flowered rose
  3. Three leaves of different hostas
  4. One hydrangea bloom
  5. A single stem of any garden plant
  6. One stem of a hardy (herbaceous) perennial
  7. One stem of a flowering tree or shrub
  8. A floral arrangement of mixed blooms from your garden

You can enter one photo for each class, and you can send your entries separately.  You cannot enter a class more than once, and members are asked that the photos have been taken in the month leading up to 9th July. Please send your entries to:

E-mails should have the subject line “Show Entry from (your name)”, and your attached photos should be named with “Your name and class being entered”.

The judging will be undertaken by members of the Show Committee, and results will be published on the website. Please do submit entries and enjoy!

GG OUTING 28th JULY 2021

Unfortunately, our GG outing on Wednesday 23rd June to Sandhill Farm near Romsey, home of Andy and Ros McIndoe, had to be cancelled. If any of you would still like to visit this private garden, please do look on Andy’s website here and keep an eye out for days when he and Ros are hosting individual bookings.

Our next Grayshott Gardeners outing is on Wednesday 28th July 2021, to Houghton Lodge Gardens near Stockbridge. Idyllically set above the tranquil waters of the River Test, there are both formal and informal gardens, a traditional kitchen garden enclosed within chalk cob walls, an orchid house, topiary dragon and peacock garden; see here for more information.

If you are interested in joining this outing, you’ll need to contact Sue Wheeler, our Programme Coordinator,

As always, we need to ensure we are COVID-compliant and do all we can to keep ourselves and fellow members safe.


This month, Grayshott Gardeners Committee is running a brief survey for your views on the newsletter and the website. The Committee will

be so appreciative if each member completes it …remember that Grayshott Gardeners club is only as good as its members – so please do tell us what you think so we can consider your feedback and where, we can, make improvements. The survey will be sent to you on Monday 5th July 2021; it closes on Monday 19th July 2021.


Once again, we are running our Potato Competition at arm’s length.

Class 49 of the Summer Show Schedule

3 potatoes of the variety supplied by the Society for the Potato Competition and grown however the exhibitor wishes.

For the competition:

– Please deliver your 3 potatoes in a bag with your contact details – including name, address, telephone number – and confirm in an e-mail to Gordon Rae, by 6pm on Friday 9th July 2021

– Please state if you wish to reclaim your exhibit from Gordon’s house on Sunday 11th July

– Gordon has arranged for Mavis Haltt (the widow of Mike Haltt, after whom the cup was named, but donated by our ex-president, Olive Robinson) to judge the competition this year at 10am on Saturday 10th July at Gordon’s house

– The winner, 2nd and 3rd places will be announced by e-mail to members and the Mike Haltt Cup will be presented to the winner at a future meeting

– We know that many of you have been growing the Grayshott Gardeners potatoes and we hope that you will enter and yet again help to keep Grayshott Gardeners alive during these difficult months

– The other reason for wanting a good entry is that the President and Mrs President hope to get another decent sized boiling from any unclaimed potatoes left at their house after the event!



Although our Summer Show scheduled for 10th July has reluctantly had to be cancelled, by the Committee, due to Bojo’s ongoing COVID restrictions, the Photographic Competition will still go ahead by e-mail.

Class 76 of the Summer Show Schedule 2021

‘A Cosy Corner’ – a photograph taken by the exhibitor.

To enter, please e-mail your entry (one entry per member) to .

Entries will close at 6pm on Friday 9th July 2021.


Attached is our Grayshott Gardeners crossword puzzle for July.

Please look out for the answers in the August newsletter. For those who can’t wait a whole month…or perhaps need a clue, the answers to the crossword will be posted on the website here on 7th July 2021, in the ‘newsletter’ tab.

Attached to this newsletter are the answers to the June crossword puzzle which featured in our last newsletter. These answers also are on our website in the ‘newsletter’ tab.


We have received notification of the SHF Garden Visits on Sunday 18th July 2021, and they look like a great afternoon out. One is in Wonersh and the other in Albury. Here are further details.

 2 CHINTHURST LODGE, WONERSH COMMON, GU5 0PR. Open from 11.30 am, Closes 5pm.

VALE END, CHILWORTH ROAD, ALBURY, GU5 9BE. Open from 2.30 pm, Closes 5pm.

Refreshments will be available at each garden. Tickets £5 – gives entrance to both gardens.