Snowdrops Display Visit

Gordon and Judith Rae’s garden is perfect for showing off snowdrops: many are planted in terraces, which are at waist height, so no going down on one’s knees.  There were clumps of snowdrops everywhere, too many to count but we will take Gordon’s word for it that there were at least 150 different varieties, all clearly labelled.

A small part of the garden

The snowdrops were at their best, and a walk crisscrossing the large garden perfectly illustrated the different shapes, sizes and colour marks among the species. Interspersed between the bulbs were beautiful hellebores and small, colourful cyclamen, all set against “50 shades of green”.

Advice from the Expert!

Gill and Liz were amongst the helpers providing tea and biscuits, which also offered an opportunity to admire the capsule exhibition of specimen snowdrops, and to catch up with the many other Grayshott Gardeners members and visitors.

Hot drinks and biscuits!

This visit had been postponed from early February, due to snow, but proved well worth the wait.

Thank you Gordon and Judith!  (photos John Price)