Nick Bailey on 365 days of Colour

A packed village hall eagerly awaited the arrival of Nick Bailey, a little later than expected, due to a delay at Waterloo Station caused by an incident on the line. After the warm-up act comprising Gill (upcoming events), Vanessa (Hidden Gardens 2019) and Gordon (Snowdrop viewing on Saturday), the audience was well-primed to warmly welcome Nick Baily, horticulturalist, author, award-winning TV presenter and garden designer.

(Lesley Cook Headshots)

Nick spent part of his extensive and varied 15-year career as Head Gardener at Chelsea Physic Garden, which has its own micro-climate,  which Nick took full advantage of when redesigning the gardens and diversifying the plant collection. A visit is definitely recommended.

Continuing with the main theme of colour (usually against a general background of nearly 90% green foliage) Nick then told us how to add colour by interplanting, and contrasting or harmonising colours. He identified the gardener’s colour wheel as a useful aid for pinpointing nuances of colour.

All this led up to a series of slides showing colourful flowers and plants taken from his best-selling book 365 Days of Colour, which has tips as well as lists of plants which will provide year-round colour in our gardens.

365 Days of Colour by Nick Bailey is available from