John Negus on Winter Wonderland

John Negus, with his broad knowledge of gardening subjects, is a man of many talents: writer, broadcaster, lecturer and photographer. At our December Club Night, he demonstrated another string to his bow: quizmaster extraordinaire. Displaying a series of wonderful slides of trees, shrubs, plants and grasses in winter scenes, he urged members of the audience to come up with the (latin!) names of species and even varieties. However, fortified by mulled wine and mince pies, and occasionally helped by John Negus’ mindreading skills (“Were you thinking of …”) our members rose magnificently to the occasion and together we put on a great show.

(click image to enlarge)

The evening concluded with a couple of questions from the audience answered by John Negus, followed by the results of the raffle,  with mystery prizes neatly wrapped up as Christmas parcels, in keeping with the theme for the evening.