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Summer Party 2017 “In the Pink”

There are 45 notable pink colours listed on Wikipedia, a number easily surpassed on Wednesday. Pink balloons, pink flowers and tables decked out in pink awaited our members, who themselves had made a great effort to dress up in, you guessed it, pink – rose pink, salmon pink, hot pink, shocking pink (and that’s just the men). Pink bubbly added to the rosy glow which soon descended on the visitors, resulting in animated conversation which was interrupted only by the serving of salad with chicken and pink-hued ham. The challenging quiz set for the interval turned a few members puce, but was fairly won by the pink table, and the person in the pinkest attire was Anne Noyce.

One question remains unanswered: who is sitting on those fifty pink balloons, last seen stuffed in a king size pink duvet cover?