Monthly Archives: May 2017

Grayshott Fair in the Square

Visitors to the Fair in the Square on Saturday stopped by the Grayshott Gardeners stand which displayed our full and interesting programme of lectures and visits, including our main Show events and other social activities. Members were on hand to answer questions and offer membership leaflets to locals as well as people hoping to move to Grayshott.


Rosamund Wallinger and her restored Gertrude Jekyll garden

Rosamund Wallinger

For our May lecture we welcomed Rosamund Wallinger, owner of Upton Grey and restorer of the ‘lost’ Gertrude Jekyll Garden.

We heard how the discovery of a full set of plans resulted in what is believed to be the most complete and authentic Jekyll garden in existence, after years of research, traveling far and wide to track down original species of plants and decades of hard work. Rosamund told us about Gertrude Jekyll’s life, the people whom she befriended and influenced, and her philosophy of garden design. The accompanying slides beautifully illustrated the different components of the garden; how Jekyll cleverly softened the formal dry stone walls with drifts of plants and flowers; and the transition to the more natural Wild garden, including the pond. More information about visiting Upton Grey and the books written by Rosamund Wallinger can be found on her website:

Grayshott Gardeners Plant Sale

Grayshott Gardeners held another successful plant sale on Saturday which was enjoyed by many people and proved also very profitable for club funds. Comments from visitors included: very enjoyable; professionally run and quality plants; best plant sale in the area! A huge thank you to Karen and her many helpers, including the catering team.

Photos by Gordon Rae