Monthly Archives: February 2017

Open Garden

Along with a steady number of visitors, Gordon and Judith Rae’s 130 (!) varieties of snowdrops defied the winter weather to put on quite a show this Saturday.  As always, Gordon was happy to answer questions while Judith looked after the exhibits and sales, and made sure hot drinks were on hand. Many thanks for a most enjoyable visit!

snowdrops close-up
snowdrops close-up (photo: Anke Morris)

A delightfully fragrant evening

We welcomed John Baker (Hanging Hostas) and partner June Colley at our February Club Night for an interesting and informative talk on the Perfume of Plants. Members were told about the different kinds of scent, that these are produced by various parts of plants, not just the flowers, and that a perfumed garden can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. John even provided a recipe for home-made perfume, involving vodka.

John admitted that the information for his talk was provided by June, a professional where perfumes are concerned, and we were all delighted to be invited to sample the various fragrances in phials which she had been busy arranging in the side room.